Candelaria // Costa Rica // Single Origin 250g


Candelaria // Costa Rica // Single Origin 250g


To get the most out of our monthly single origin we set our roast to light. This means that the coffee is perfect for filter and will produce a light, bright espresso. Often these origins will be from plantations and growers that we've visited so in roasting we try hard to capture the flavours and sensations that we've experienced at the source.

Roasted weekly, keeping it light and rotating origins monthly. 

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Roasts: Wednesday
Ships: Thursday

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Catching the winds of the Pacific Ocean, this single origin from Costa Rica's West Valley epitomises the country and region's renown for producing bright, yet balanced, coffee. This is a particularly high value coffee with a depth of flavour that is derived from the volcanic soils which nourish the coffee plants. With notes of lemon, black tea and honey and a fresh acidity up front, the bean is perfect for those looking for a nuanced palette.

  • Roast Degree: Medium Light

  • Origin: Costa Rica

  • Region: West Valley

  • Process: Washed

  • Taste: Lemon, Black Tea, Honey

  • Altitude: 1200 - 1250 MASL