Black is Back

Take A Trip to Costa Rica by Amanda Jones

For this month's single origin let the flavours of lemon, black tea and honey transport you to the volcanic landscape of Costa Rica. Known for its incredible biodiversity, impeccable terrain and enviable lifestyle, there's a lot to get excited about when drinking the produce of this Central American nation.

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Lindfield Espresso by Amanda Jones

More than we may care to acknowledge, cafes are becoming the most significant modern day institution in our suburbs. Taking pride of place in our shopping strips and serving as a meeting place or a regular stop off point, they come to define our communities. At the entrance to Lindfield station on the upper north shore, Lindfield Espresso is becoming just that, a community hub. 

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Burundi Single Origin by Amanda Jones

With Burundian coffee rising in global prominence it is only fitting that for October we get to showcase the coffee from this part of the world. Although often overshadowed by its neighbours Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia, coffee is a key export for Burundi and with improvements in farming practices and technologies, Burundi’s own unique flavours will only be further recognised.

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