Toni Veziris // Black is Back / by Connor Pearce

Splitting his time between sales and marketing, Head of Creative Toni Veziris is focused on making sure that Black Drum Roasters are ahead of the pack. 

Coming from a background of photography, fashion and publishing, Toni knows a thing or two about trends. Taking this awareness of what has the potential to hang around as a useful innovation, and what is just a fad, to coffee means that we are constantly striving to communicate the core values of our approach to roasting: a commitment to coffee, community and the planet. 

This being said, Toni is not one to follow the rules for the sake of it. With a spontaneous approach to communication, you can find him learning the intricacies of roasting, travelling to origin to connect with growers at the source, or scouting out potential new Black Drum partners across Australia.

Being able to make the trip to Kenya with head of training and innovation, Kevin Crouse, in December last year, Toni is still impressed by the effort and commitment of those who grow our coffee and this is something that he seeks to communicate across Black Drum’s relationship with its customers and partners. 

With an awareness of the global nature of coffee growing, Toni also highlights the global nature of coffee drinking. Past journeys have taken him to centres of coffee culture around the globe, however it is the Australian commitment to understanding the full journey that a bean goes through before reaching its drinker and the passion for the highest quality product that is something that Toni seeks to communicate to other coffee aficionados around the world.

With a style to match his coffee of choice, long black, Toni is taking Black Drum Roasters to a new audience, all with a focus and drive for quality.