Welcome to a World of Coffee: Our Ecuadorian Single Origin / by Amanda Jones

The best thing about having a monthly, rotating single origin, is how this opens us up to new regions, flavours and stories. Proving that coffee is much more than a commodity, and how every cup has a history behind it, this month’s single origin from Ecuador embodies what it means to highlight the unique aspects of each bean. 

Located in the far north region of Ecuador, just one province away from the Colombian border, Milton Uribe has found a beautiful region to grow amazing coffee. Naming his farm ‘The Hunch’, he was going off a hunch about the land when he purchased it, and it has since been proven correct! Working in a close relationship with coffee importers from the US and Australia, Uribe has been learning and growing his harvesting techniques, and as a result, seeing great improvement on the coffee in the cup year after year. With incentives and rewards for employees on his farm, Milton understands that producing excellent coffee means treating your staff well, and encouraging and rewarding attention to detail throughout the harvest. 

Ecuador’s history with coffee has not always been as happy as one would like it. Despite having the conditions to produce amazing coffee, for a number of reasons, coffee plants were ripped out during the late 20th century. Thus, notwithstanding its location, sandwiched between Peru and Colombia, two world renowned coffee locations, only recently have traders and roasters been able to share Ecuadorean coffee with specialty cafes around the world. With this month’s single origin, we hope to reintroduce Ecuadorean coffee to cafes in Sydney, and allow you to enjoy the unique flavours of this South American country.

Brewed as espresso, expect rich and sweet tropical fruits and plantain to shine throughout the cup. With a sweet, mandarin-like acidity we’ve found that lingers into a smooth, peachy finish. BUY NOW

Name: Imbabura

Origin: Ecuador

Process: Fully Washed

Aroma: Tropical Fruit

Flavour notes: White Pear, Sweet Lime, Clean

Altitude: 1700-1900 MASL