Take A Trip to Costa Rica / by Amanda Jones

For this month's single origin let the flavours of lemon, black tea and honey transport you to the volcanic landscape of Costa Rica. Known for its incredible biodiversity, impeccable terrain and enviable lifestyle, there's a lot to get excited about when drinking the produce of this Central American nation.

Where the coffee starts is the Candelaria estate. Including roughly 150 acres of coffee growing landscape, the estate is located near the town of Palmares in Alajuela province. This region forms part of the West Valley coffee growing area, which picks up the oceanic breezes that roll in from the Pacific Ocean. These hills are nourished by the rich volcanic soils of the country that are the product of the six active volcanos that punctuate the Costa Rican topography. Lying between 1200 and 1250 metres above sea level, this mid altitude range coffee maintains a delicate and bright flavour.

Candelaria estate is an outcome of the endeavours of Coricafe. Founded in the mid twentieth century by the family of German immigrant Otto Klotti, the organisation has managed Candelaria estate since 1965 and continues to export the coffee that is grown here to its network of global partners.

Unlike other coffee nations that have a broadly distributed patchwork system of coffee processing, Costa Rica has adopted a method of central coffee milling known as the benefico. Coricafe is emblematic of this approach and centralises the production of its coffee in its locally owned milling operations.

The result of such an approach is a more consistent and stable coffee product, one that does not suffer the individual fluctuations that impact secluded or isolated farms. Despite this, the time honoured processes of Coricafe ensure that the individual flavours of Candelaria estate are imbued in the final product, the bean we are proud to roast. Want to see for yourself? Pick up a bag from our online store today.