Single Origin Espresso – Kenya / by Amanda Jones

While we might make a song and dance about each of our monthly single origins because, let’s face it, they’re only around for a month, we have a duo of single origins that we offer throughout the year, and are solid performers month after month. This week we’re spotlighting the Kenyan of the couple, a coffee that showcases all the best things about Kenyan origins, it’s been widely recognised as an exemplary roast.

Our espresso single origins are the outcome of our unique approach to roasting. Rather than combining multiple beans from various origins prior to roast, we follow the philosophy of post-roast blending. Not only does this allow us to ensure that each bean is roasted to its optimum profile, it also means that we are able to highlight the individual origins that make up our espresso blends.

In this case, it is the Kenyan origin that we are giving the microphone to. Just like the best of Kenyan coffees, this bean contains a bright acidity and a clear flavour. At origin, the green bean is fully washed, which contributes to the purposeful flavour of the cup. After roasting, and once brewed, we find that the resulting coffee demonstrates flavours of juicy, crisp green apple, balanced by a sweet honey and blackcurrant. Overall, the body is silky and smooth, heading towards a long, sweet toffee finish.

All of these factors, as well as the altitude of the coffee, grown between 1400 and 1700 metres above sea level, has contributed to the accolades that this coffee has received. Awarded bronze in both the plunger and espresso single origin categories at the Australian International Coffee Awards in 2016, we are proud to share this fantastic coffee with the world. Pick up a 250g or 500g bag from our online store today, or ask your local Black Drum Roasters café to look into getting a single origin on offer.