Ride the Kalita Wave / by Amanda Jones

Pour over methods are increasingly being taken up as a simple, yet effective, way to brew coffee. Both in our favourite cafes and in our own homes, pour over allows for the intricate flavours of specialty coffee to be realised and enjoyed.

There are a variety of brew methods out there but we recommend using the Kalita Wave. Easily recognisable by its signature wave filters, the Kalita Wave enables a smooth, clear cup that is easily repeatable across many brews.

The wave shape of the filter is not just a marketing gimmick. The ingenious design reduces the contact between the brewing coffee and the dripper. This reduction decreases the possibility of choking, or having water build up at particular point, and promotes an even, smooth brew process. In addition, the three holes at the bottom of the dripper allows for a spritely brew time, rather than concentrating extraction through one hole. This quality is accentuated by the flat bottom of the dripper.

All of these innovations are the result of a company that has been in the coffee design business for over half a century. Founded in 1958 in Tokyo, Japan, Kalita has been making coffee brewing equipment, which is deceptively simple and allows for versatile, no nonsense brewing.

Grab a Kalita set from our online store and pair it with our single origin, which is roasted light so it is perfect for filter brewing. You will start enjoying coffee with a flavour profile so crisp and clear you'll be wondering why you hadn't been drinking it your whole life.