Wholesale Solutions / by Amanda Jones

The world of coffee is not what it used to be. Once dominated by a few large companies, the coffee roasting landscape has recently undergone dramatic change since those earlier days.

Just as consumers seek out a unique and tailored experience in all aspects of life, coffee has been notably changed by the rise of a multitude of microroasters which claim to provide a boutique coffee experience. With all manner of coffee roasting solutions, for the humble café owner, it can be incredibly confusing to sort through the chaos.

At Black Drum Roasters we have all manner of wholesale solutions that can suit each café experience. Just as coffee is a drink enjoyed by all, we don't think there should be any barriers or pretensions between café owner and coffee roaster. What's important to us is that you and your customers enjoy the brew that you are serving.

The first step in achieving this is deciding on what coffee works for you. Our range of blends travel between light-medium, to medium, to medium-dark. Compliment these with an espresso single origin for short blacks and long blacks plus our monthly single origin for filter or batch brews. As more cafes shift to providing multiple coffee choices for their customers, adding a single origin to your repertoire will not only enable greater variety, but allow for you to share the story of your coffee with the customer.

Of course, the relationship doesn't stop there. In developing your coffee offering we provide barista training, branded shades or wind barriers and coffee machine servicing options. This will enable each café to define exactly what it is about their coffee that is unique, and continue to draw in customers and keep regulars coming back to create the essential community that sustains a small business.

Beyond these product-based solutions, if you start serving Black Drum Roasters you'll become part of the BDR family. We pride ourselves on the ongoing relationships we have with our café customers, many of whom have become close friends. As we continue to explore the new world of coffee, we would love you to join us on this journey.