Buds and Beans / by Amanda Jones

Perched above Gordon train station and surrounded by the green leaves of plane trees and the purple of jacarandas is the café-cum-florist Buds and Beans. Just as coffee is a natural part of the morning routine, the florist on Sydney’s leafy north shore is a perfect fit. Bringing the two together, Buds and Beans is a match made in heaven.

Established in 2012, the shop has undergone a recent redesign and renovation and has expanded into what was once a newsagent. Co-owner Ryan Hahn was enthusiastic about the new layout.

“We basically expanded our shop from half the size to twice the size so we've been really excited about it all coming together. We did a brand new fit out and we wanted to focus the attention on the coffee machine and the grinder.”

With flowers and greenery dotted throughout the store, it is the La Marzocco coffee machine and two grinders, the Mythos for the 6Eight blend and a Mahlkönig for single origins. Having recently installed a filter coffee machine, Buds and Beans will be offering Black Drum’s monthly rotating single origin.

While these changes have put Buds and Beans on part with the finest coffee experience in Sydney, it is still about fitting into the rhythms of life in Gordon. The expanded space has allowed for a smoother flow, and better views of the critical infrastructure

“Lots of people come in for a quick coffee and they're on their way to work,” said Hahn “It's right near the platforms so they can see their train coming as well.”

While this might give the impression that the coffee is the core of the business, it works in harmony with the floristry of Jess Kwon, who has over ten years of experience arranging bouquets. Flowers are selected from the Sydney Growers market and are sourced from local farms on the Central Coast and Wollongong.

“We were just a florist, and Jess [Kwon] had the bright idea of serving coffee as well because she thought having a café and a florist together would be a nice match.”

We think so too, as the two products complement each other perfectly, something that’s not lost on Hahn.

“We think it's a good relationship between the flowers and the coffee. They both smell nice.”

As The tempting aromas of Buds and Beans spread over Gordon, there’s one more reason to be early for the train

Buds and Beans

3 Werona Avenue, Gordon
Mon – Fri, 6am – 7pm
Sat, 7am – 2pm