Connor Pearce // Unfolding a World of Coffee / by Connor Pearce - Photography Toni Veziris

Taking the step from café into roastery was not one that Connor saw coming, but really, it's one he should've seen all along. A passion for getting a sense of the fuller picture, getting inside the operations of Black Drum fitted with Connor approach to coffee, and, to be honest, life.

Growing up, the stain of coffee was never far from Connor's finger tips. Whether that was coffee being brewed at home or with family, or through working at delis as a part-time job in high school, the aroma and sensation of coffee is one that he was inherently familiar with.

Taking the next step in this journey was to work as a barista during breaks from university. With his brother working in the same industry, coming home was to swap stories of cafes, customers and getting the right pour.

At the same time, Connor's understanding of the world of coffee was about to broaden dramatically. Having studied in the United Arab Emirates for his bachelor’s degree, Connor was exposed to a whole world of coffee and brew methods through friends, room-mates and travels. Whether that was the sweet, thick coffee of Turkey, the Balkans and Lebanon, or the aromatic but thin brew of the Arabian Peninsula, coffee was no longer just a drink, but a way to share and experiences cultures.

Now, with a few months under his belt at Black Drum Roasters, Connor is understanding the process that were always behind these interactions. Getting a feel for how roasting operations are conducted, while also developing an understanding of the commercial networks that go into getting the bean from its origin to the roastery has given Connor another lens through which to understand this particular beverage. It's this sense of exploration and discovery that he has channeled into BDR's journal, sharing the story of coffee, one bean at a time.