Clever Dripper / by Amanda Jones

For those after a no nonsense, at home brew method, the Clever might be your salvation!

Sitting at the sweet spot between a French press and pour over methods, the Clever is an ingenious solution to the drawbacks of both that brews a full bodied, medium acidity cup.

Similar to the French press, the Clever works on an immersion method, where the coffee is steeped in a set amount of water for a period of time that can be altered to give the desired strength. Unlike the French press, and closer to pour over methods, there is no pressure-based system to extraction. Simply pop the Clever ontop of a mug and the valve will release, letting the coffee flow into your chosen receptacle.

Using a paper filter to reduce particulate matter, more akin to pour over methods, the filtration method also reduces the acidity of your coffee, allowing for a smoother, more flavourful cup. Made from clear, BPA free plastic, the Clever really is the epitome of easy simplicity.

With our brew guide and a bag of filter roast coffee, we’d recommend either of the Kenyan or Brazilian single origins for this one, you’re off and running.