Dance to the Beat of Coffee: Our 6Eight Blend / by Amanda Jones

For a rollicking good time, there's no passing by the 6Eight.True to its inspiration as a time signature that inspires a naturally flowing rhythm, a coffee brewed from 6Eight beans will keep things moving. 

Associated with dances that have a strong, two beat, emphasis, the 6Eight time signature is commonly used for jigs, polkas and tarantella, a dance traditional to southern Italy where dancers are accompanied by tambourines. As these styles are renowned for their lively energy and focus on letting the good times continue, our 6Eight blend is true to its namesake and promises to keep you on your feet. 

Available in three sizes, 250, 500 or 1000 grams, the 6Eight contains flavour notes of smooth dark chocolate, sweetly stewed red plums and toasted roasted walnuts. This complex flavour profile makes the 6Eight blend a favourite for cafes and home consumers alike and it is consistent in delivering its signature taste.

Capturing the best of the coffee market, the 6Eight blend is comprised of three distinct origins, Central America, South America and East Africa. This combination contributes to the velvety mouthfeel of the 6Eight and as it is roasted to a medium degree, the 6Eight can be served either black or with milk. Order by Friday at 1pm and you'll be holding a bag of 6Eight in yours hands by Tuesday, ready to be drunk and to kick start your jig.