Quinton De Sousa / by Amanda Jones

The leading edge of the Australian approach to coffee has come to be known as the third wave of coffee. A focus on origins, terroir and flavour profiles is now dominating the buzz among the specialty roasting community. However, this is not the only approach to coffee, and as Quinton De Sousa reminds us, coffee is an inextricably social drink for many.

What Quinton is getting at is the European art of coffee drinking. Any time one meets up for a chat on the continent, coffee is somehow involved. Although it may be a latte or cappuccino in the morning, Americano in the afternoon or a short espresso after dinner, each conversation is lubricated with punchy, dark roasted coffee.

For Quinton, there’s an even more specific version of this daily ritual. The bica, as it’s known in the Portuguese-speaking world, is most similar to a short black but with a lighter roast than the Italian counterpart and with a slightly longer extraction. This style of preparation makes the drink suitable for multiple coffees throughout the day, best accompanied with a pastel de nata (Portuguese tart).

While Quinton may have cut back on his consumption of bicas, this style of coffee drinking has given him an appreciation for how important coffee can be, and how each have their own styles. In his role as a sales representative for Black Drum, Quentin makes sure to find out exactly what the client is after, according to their palette, and develop a suitable solution. Constantly learning about the many factors that go into the harvesting and production of coffee beans, there is any number of permutations available so that we can find the right match. 

With coffee just as much a relaxing drink as a stimulation for the day, Quinton is keen to find the brew that can extract the most positives for every customer.