Cupping On The Go / by Amanda Jones

This week we’ve been living our motto, ‘there is no rehearsal’. Amid moving our entire roasting operation from one site to another, we have not stopped ensuring that every bean that we send out of our factory performs to the high standards we set.

This past week, we have been improvising. While this might seem like jumping off the cliff for some, as any good drummer knows, sometimes the music runs out and you have to keep on playing. As we develop the testing labs and final floor layouts, our cupping process has had to find a home on the factory floor.

Cupping is an essential part of the coffee roasting process. Using a time honoured tradition, cupping is designed to have the coffee stimulate the roaster’s sense in all ways. Using a combination of slurping, sniffing and spitting, the process of cupping allows us to identify the complexities of flavour that are contained within the roasted bean.

This week we have been sampling the Ethiopia Sidamo. This bean is one of the components of our blends. Located in the south of Ethiopia, the area is known for producing beans which impart a fruity or floral aroma and complex taste. This year Ethiopian beans have been hard to find, so regular cuppings ensure that those beans that we are able to locate meet our requirements for the taste profile we want to achieve from our blends.

While some weeks are busier than others, nothing gets in the way of ensuring that the coffee that we provide to our clients and customers remains exceptional. In all our operations, coffee remains a constant and this is why we ensure regular quality assessment continues, even under slightly altered circumstances.