Check In To Room Two Ten / by Amanda Jones

If you live in Freshwater you’d already know of Room Two Ten. Located in the heart of Freshwater village, the café itself is set back from Lawrence Street with broad umbrellas providing shade to those who choose to sit out on the patio.

Having opened in 2014, Room Two Ten underwent a major renovation at the end of last year with a focus on bringing the best of the café to the fore. With light wood panelling along the walls and a bright aesthetic that matches the aqua tones of the drinkware throughout, it’s a delight to take a seat after a morning at the beach or for a moment to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze. 

Holly Carrol, one half of the husband-wife duo that run the joint, noted, “we wanted it to be warm and inviting and wanted to be approachable for families and beach people, but also everyone in the community people that wanted to sit and have a business meeting or mother's groups that wanted to catch up.”

While the café may be channeling the casual and relaxed vibes one would expect from a beachside suburb such as Freshie, the standards are high with the food and drinks menu here. Coffee is by Black Drum Roasters and breakfast includes mushroom brekky tacos and the market bowl, a combination of broccolini, miso mushrooms and turmeric hummus on top of kale and brown rice with a white sesame and lime dressing. Lunch includes a chilli calamari salad, salmon poke bowls and dishes that would not be amiss at a white tablecloth establishment, with crispy skinned sumac salmon and prawn spaghettini standing out.

For those who would extend their stay at Room Two Ten there’s more than enough reason to. Room Two Ten is open from 5-11pm on Friday and Saturday nights, serving a range of share plates and meatballs that would have your mum checking her recipe. Drinks are also sorted, with local and international wines, craft beers and a selection of cocktails. If you’re thirsty though, don’t wait, drinks are served for brunch and lunch as well.

The name of the café itself comes from other half of the duo Steve’s travels and a particularly infamous hostel room number. With the number continually popping up throughout their lives, there was only one name for the café where it feels like a party that the whole neighbourhood is invited to. With regulars lining up for takeaway coffees from 6.30am, it’s hard not to feel like you’re part of the family.

As Holly recalled, on one particularly busy morning, a customer decided to pick up pen and paper to help out the staff. “We've had other people that have helped in pinches, helped pick up things for us and you just realise how incredible grateful you are about all these people who come in and out of your business every day and become your friends.”

When Holly was able to take a break from her corporate job in media and marketing, she’s ran with the baton for Room Two Ten and has been helping the team through a year of changes. But with summer about to roll in, it’s time now to enjoy the effort that’s been put in to make this place shine.

Room Two Ten

10-14 Lawrence St, Freshwater
Mon – Fri, 6am- 3pm
Fri - Sat, 5 – 11pm