Settling in to Carnegie Place / by Amanda Jones

Our warehouse is taking shape! Today we were able to take a peek into what will soon be transformed into a hub of all things coffee. With roasters moved in and packaging production lines taking shape, it won’t be long until our new home is fully operational.

If you missed our previous announcement, you might be unaware that this has been a pretty eventful month for us at Black Drum. Hot off the heels of a root and branch redesign and with production volumes constantly stepping up, we decided that it was time to have a site wholly dedicated to Black Drum operations.

But, as they say, the fruit does not fall far from the tree, and in making the decision of where to move, we did not want to give up the deep ties we have to the Blacktown community. So, we are currently setting up shop just around the corner from our previous location, meaning favourite brekky and lunch spots like Black Bear BBQ are still readily accessible. 

While we are still putting on the final touches we want to know what our friends and Black Drum family would love to see at this site. One off events, brew competitions or café consulting. Let us know!