The Real Thing / by Amanda Jones

So, this just came back from the printers. We are very excited to have these in our hands and to be sharing them with our café partners across Sydney. For all the benefits of digital technology, sometimes you've still got to have the real thing in your hands to appreciate what goes into making it all possible.

Just in case you needed any more reason to swap your regular order for one of our rotating single origins, these cards will be on hand for all Black Drum Roasters cafes that stock our single origin. Whether you prefer yours served as espresso or brewed via an alternative pour-over or filter method, ask your barista or server for a card that gives you a little bit more insight into where this coffee hails from and what processes went into its production. Keep an eye out as these origins change and find the flavour profiles that most suit your palette.

Also, as our sales team hits the road they'll be holding some of these cards in A5 format. Designed to give potential customers an idea of what Black Drum Roasters has to offer, we have flyers that communicate both our blends and single origins. Putting together a coffee and an image gives each brew that little bit extra, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.