Black Drum Roasters Secures New Location / by Amanda Jones

Leading Australian coffee roasting company Black Drum Roasters has secured a new roasting headquarters in Blacktown. Furthering current in-house roasting operations will see Black Drum Roasters continue to provide high quality blends and single origins on its own label. Roasting operations for other popular brands have also been maintained throughout this transition period, and Black Drum Roasters have remained committed to ensuring that customers have been able to rely upon their unique flavour profiles.

Our new location in Carnegie Place in Blacktown offers an open frontage and access. Being securely placed at a site exclusively dedicated to Black Drum Roasters operation will allow for further innovation and experimentation, enabling Black Drum Roasters to continue to exceed its clients’ expectations. The new site offers a range of distinctive possibilities which Black Drum Roasters is in the process of developing.

This move ends a period of transition away from Black Drum Roasters’ previous site in Bessemer St. While that site was shared with coffee capsule producer iCapsulate, our new location will exclusively house Black Drum Roasters. With recent media reports of iCapsulate entering into voluntary administration, Black Drum Roasters would like to reinforce that Black Drum Roasters continues to be independently operated and shares no ongoing connection to iCapsulate. At no time was Kane Bodiam a part of or a member of Black Drum Roasters. While we are saddened to hear of iCapsulate’s folding, these events in no way effect Black Drum Roasters and our vision or production timelines. 

As the finishing touches are applied to Black Drum Roasters’ new facilities, Black Drum Roasters would like to thank our clients for their ongoing support and extend an appreciation to our staff who have made this move such a smooth process with their diligence and commitment. Black Drum Roasters will soon welcome all to our new site with the enticing smell of freshly roasted coffee.


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