January Single Origin by Amanda Jones

This month’s single origin is named after the pioneering Okuyama family. Descendants of Japanese migrants to Brazil, who sought out a better life and career in the southern hemisphere, the Okuyamas turned to coffee, and have been at the forefront of innovation in this significant sector of the Brazilian economy.

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A Journey to Imbabura by Amanda Jones

While Ecuadorian coffee may not have the profile of its more illustrious neighbours, with this month’s single origin we have had our belief in Ecuadorian coffee reconfirmed. This is a country that grows exceptional coffee. There are, however, some barriers to getting coffee from Ecuador to our roaster in Australia, but with some assistance from Caravela Coffee we have been able to ensure the beans make the journey. 

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La Marzocco Sydney Local by Amanda Jones

Late last week, our man Kevin Crouse headed down to Alexandria to check in on where things are headed for coffee machines and handcrafted equipment at La Marzocco’s Sydney showcase. Simply calling itself Local, this was a chance to catch up with old friends and see what’s shaping up in the Sydney scene.

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