La Bionda Café / by Amanda Jones

To celebrate the opening of La Bionda Café and Salon, attendees were gifted a free cup of coffee. Maybe not aware of what they could have been expecting, guests kept coming back for more, as the full bodied and aromatic flavours and aromas of Black Drum Roasters coffee spread across Baulkham Hills.

As co-owner Domenico Gerace highlighted, the 3Four blend got everyone excited for the launch of this new café cross salon experience at the foot of the hills.

“The main thing that we got back from the opening was everybody was just saying how good the coffee was, how nice the blend was.”

In an area where you are more likely to come across a commercial coffee chain than a deftly woven tulip or rosetta in your latte or a single origin roast for your espresso, La Bionda has endeavoured to stand apart from the pack.

As Domenico highlighted, after experiencing the possibilities at La Bionda, “everyone says it'd be great to see a new modern, funky café with specialty coffee.”

And that’s exactly what La Bionda have set about serving since their soft launch last year. An extension of the La Bionda concept that has been styling locals and well-coiffed visitors in Sydney’s North West, La Bionda combines a boutique hair salon and barber with a café focusing on specialty coffee and quality food.

Having run businesses in the area for thirty years, as Domenico explained, “We just always wanted to create one place where you could go get your hair done, grab a cup of coffee and get something to eat.”

While each venue is connected, they remain functionally distinct, however what ties all of the site together is the family that is behind it all, and can be felt in the approach taken throughout.

“We've done the design and fit out ourselves,” highlighted Domenico. “We didn't have a designer or anything, it was all done in house, within our staff, our family. The only thing we did do is have a friend of mine who's a builder come in and do the actual work, but all the design — the concept, the colours, the layout, the floorplan — all of that stems from us.”

Ultimately, this has coalesced into a venue that speaks to the shared traditions and philosophy of the owners.

“We wanted to create the feel that when you're coming in to our salon or our café that you were going to somebody's home, so you were treated like how we would treat guests when we have them over at our house.”

If this is how the Gerace family treat their visitors, then we are dangerously close to overstaying our welcome. With a simple yet refined menu of all day breakfast and lunch options, each has been selected to highlight the quality ingredients within. Combining this with a modern and sophisticated approach to hair styling, La Bionda is focused on raising the profile of Baulkham Hills and providing a community hub for their customers who are already making La Bionda part of their routine. With thirty years of experience in the area, the Gerace family are making La Bionda into the institution that it should be, serving its local community.

La Bionda

351 – 353 Windsor Road
Baulkham Hills
Tuesday – Saturday, 7am – 3pm // Sunday, 8am – 3pm