Christmas Coffee Bundles / by Amanda Jones

Summer is a great time to start anew. Whether you've got some time off, things are slowing down or the seasons are changing, there's an opportunity to learn something new, or develop your skills in a new direction. For this reason, we're bundling together a couple of great coffee brewing methods that are worth taking the leap and experimenting with. We can assure you that the results that you will see coming in you will develop a whole new appreciation for coffee.

The first package that we are offering is a Chemex six cup brewer set. If you need something to perk up a table of guests after a long Christmas lunch and look suave while doing it then this is your go-to. Combining mid-century design with effortless functionality, coffee brewed with a Chemex brewer is not only a sight to behold, but through its immersion process you will be able to uncover a greatly expanded depth of flavour. Having the six cup version on your kitchen counter top, you will not only be able to satisfy a large group in one sitting - no hassle with boiling and re-boiling water or pulling multiple espressos - it is a statement piece of Bauhaus design as well. To read up on the full story behind this brewer, sit down with our article that laid it all out back in August:

Our next kit will take you into the stratosphere. Developed by US entrepreneur and inventor Alan Adler, the Aeropress is designed to brew a killer coffee under any circumstances. Now the subject of global competitions that have seen some inventive takes on the brewing process, the simplicity of the Aeropress invites experimentation. It's hard plastic design and no fuss assemblage allows for the kit to be taken anywhere in the world and out of it. Add this kit to your holiday package and never settle for substandard coffee again. 

The final option we have for this holiday period is our take on cold brewing at home. Just because the weather is heating up does not mean that you should sacrifice your delicious coffee, or drown it in excesses of milk and sugar. Using the Clever method with its focus on immersion brewing, you will be able to produce a full-bodied brew but without any bitterness or overwhelming acidity. If you follow our instructions for brewing with the Clever method and let the coffee pour out over ice, it will be chilled to perfection. Alternatively, using the same principles, you can brew the coffee and then place it in the fridge overnight. By the next morning you will have a ready-to-go ice coffee, especially if you don't have time in the morning to conduct a full brew. 

All of our packs will be delivered with a bag of our December single origin. If you haven't given one of these a try already, or want to add another instrument to your repertoire, this is the perfect opportunity to take that up. BUY NOW