The Baristas’ Shed x Deezy / by Amanda Jones

Coffee collaborations are no longer just limited to a shot of espresso and a croissant. As cafes become that third place in between home and work, where we want to hang out, meet friends and socialise, and those in the know are increasingly combining the beverage with all manner of products and concepts.

The Baristas’ Shed in Marsden Park is this week letting London/Sydney based label Deezy into its store for a one day pop up ahead of the full chaos of the Christmas season. The range of hoodies, shirts and accessories are available to grab, along with a coffee or the Baristas’ Shed’s own house made cold brew. While we would say that London may have some catching up to do in the world of specialty coffee, we definitely get inspired by the Old Dart when it comes to the clothes we wear behind the machine or in the office.

Channelling the street-wear vibes that are becoming synonymous with the British capital, Deezy started as the recovery process for Robert Fanella, after he injured himself while attempting to become a professional footballer in London. Drawing on the support of his close friendship circle there, who developed into his surrogate family, the crew that referred to themselves as Deezy became the spark behind this label.

With the full range available at the pop up store at The Baristas’ Shed, there’ll be every reason to stop by Marsden Park for a beverage and some fresh threads. The store will be open from 8am to 2pm and eftpos is available. Deezy are offering a special deal for those who make an appearance as well, so check out their socials or head down to find out.