We understand that each brand is unique. It takes a lot to get up before sunrise, leave before the train is running and begin pulling the perfect espresso before the first customer walks through the door. We've been there. At Black Drum Roasters we can take one element out of the daily equation: coffee. With over thirty years of experience in bean selection, blending and roasting, we can provide a consistently exceptional product.

Build your own Coffee Company

Our roastery is fully equipped to provide a range of coffee experiences, so start a conversation with us about what you need.

Sourcing your own Green Bean

If you have already decided on the bean that you want, we can translate those raw flavours into a signature taste and aroma that expresses your unique qualities.

Packaging & Dispatch Solutions

Bean into bag. Using either our Propac or Comunetti packaging lines we can ensure that the symbol of your brand communicates the freshness of your bean.


To join us on this journey, tell us a little about you and what you're after and we can send you a sample pack of our coffee beans.