Sidamo // Ethiopian // Espresso// Single Origin // November

Sidamo Coffee.jpg
Sidamo Coffee.jpg

Sidamo // Ethiopian // Espresso// Single Origin // November

  • Name: Sidamo

  • Origin: Ethiopia

  • Process: Natural

  • Brew Method: Espresso

  • Flavour Notes: Coriander, forest berry, vanilla

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A nice and thick espresso, pleasant balanced acidity with notes of spice, chocolates and vanilla and a clean finish.


The province of Sidamo lies in the mountainous zone of South-Central Ethiopia. Nestled in the Oromia rain catchment area, the Sidamo

region is ideally located for agricultural production. The landscape in this area consists of rugged, high-altitude ranges between 1550

and 2200 MASL. Oromia contributes approximately 150,000 tonnes a year to national output, and is where 65% of Ethiopia's coffee

country is located.

This coffee has come through Ethiopia's Commodity Exchange, which was initially established to ensure that all farmers could have

equal access to a reliable market where they could sell their product. It also means, however that traceability beyond basic information

regarding region and grade isn't available. What we do know is that Ethiopian coffee is almost all organic by default, and that most

farmers grow their coffee on plots of land measuring about 1.5 hectares.

Ethiopia is considered by scientists today to have been the birthplace of all coffee, and that all contemporary varietals can be traced

back to the nation's wild forests.