Pensilvania // Colombian// Espresso // Single Origin // November


Pensilvania // Colombian// Espresso // Single Origin // November

  • Roast: Espresso

  • Flavour notes: Pineapple, molasses, butter

  • Region: Pensilvania, Dept. of Caldas

  • Producer: 

  • Process: Fully Washed

  • Altitude: 1500-1800 masl 

  • Varietals: Caturra

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Huila, Colombia is one of those magical spots on Earth that seems to be just perfect for growing coffee. It’s located in the Magdalena valley, flanked by the Central and Eastern Andes, where farm altitudes soar up to 2000 meters and the climate is cool, misty perfection. Colombia’s highest-producing region, Huila is also special for its small farms: the average farm size is just under 4 acres(!), meaning each grower can spend extra attention on every little bean.

It’s quality, not quantity, for small-lot Huila, and it shows. Coffees from this region are regularly seen in the Colombian Cup of Excellence, showcasing gorgeous complexity, bright acidity, a big body, and layers of fruit and florals.