Cold Brew Lab Coffee Concentrate

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Cold Brew Lab Coffee Concentrate

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Our cold brew is ready and you can get the first batch!

At Black Drum Roasters we believe in cold brew coffee, so much so we have built a dedicated lab to test and brew in.

We don’t use the typical method of overnight steeping of coffee in big buckets!

We would love to tell you more, but the guy in the lab coat is being tight-lipped at the moment. Think computers, jets, flow rates, and continuous fresh brew water.

The real innovation is using coffees from top producing countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Costa Rica amongst others. 

 Each 1-litre bottle contains 20 doses.

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An uncharacteristic single-origin, modified cold drip coffee, roasted in Australia, brewed in Sydney. Y

ou may have tasted cold brew before, but you haven’t tasted anything like this!

Signature fruity and berry flavour notes as well as balanced acidity that marries well with our non-steeped brewing protocols. Magnesium mineralised, filtered water gives a superior extraction with a clean mouthfeel, sweet full flavours and pleasant aromatics.