Brazil Espresso // Single Origin

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brazil single.jpg

Brazil Espresso // Single Origin

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Tasting Notes:
Sweet cashew nut, soft milk chocolate. Very well balanced

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Brazilian coffee is known around the world for many things, from being the largest producer of coffee in the world, to general flavour profiles and characteristics that make a deep, bold & rich cup of coffee. Almost always standing out in milk with sweet cocoa and bold nut characteristics. When searching for Brazilian coffees that we select for blending into some of our Black Drum blends, we are constantly on the look out for a cup showing sweet cashew nut, soft milk chocolate with medium body and very balanced.

Due to our philosophy of post-blending our coffees, we love that it allows us to pull out some of our sweetest, finest origins that compile our Black Drum Blends. So get your order in, and we'll pull it fresh from the cooling tray of this weeks roast to bag and send out for your enjoyment.