4Four Blend


4Four Blend

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Tasting Notes:
Spicy Dark Chocolate, Rich & Malty, Low Acidity.

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Something that bucks the trend by having a constant steady beat that you can count on. Do you want to save the planet with both your milk based and straight espresso beverages? This Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee is consistently bold and smooth.

  • Roast Degree: Dark-Medium
  • Aroma: Toasty Spicy
  • Flavour: Jamaican Chocolate, Spicy, with Malty Notes
  • Body: Lightly syrupy
  • Acidity: Low acidity
  • Finish: Malty and Caramel Finish

Coffee that takes care of people and the planet. Certified by the high standards of the Rainforest Alliance Organisation, the blend carries a minimum of 90% certified coffees. Unique complexity arises from diverse growing regions including South and Central America. The coffee carries a pleasant tobacco aroma and flavour note that is a nice accent to the spicy dark chocolate foundation of this ethical coffee.