Rhinowares Hand Grinder w Aeropress Adaptor


Rhinowares Hand Grinder w Aeropress Adaptor


Want to make better coffee, buy a grinder. In case you were wondering, ground coffee goes stale in under 10 minutes.. crazy huh!? This will take your home brew from being just coffee, to a rich, flavourful, complex taste experience!

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The Rhinowares compact hand coffee grinder includes an adaptor so you can grind straight into an AeroPressĀ®. This grinder is a great solution for grinding coffee "on the go" - for travel, work or even just at home.

Some of the features of the Rhinowares compact hand grinder include:

  • Compact size - the body fits in an AeroPressĀ®
  • Quality conical ceramic burrs for consistent grind, easy cleaning and less static
  • Easy adjustment for a wide range of grind types - Smooth grinding motion
  • Includes a convenient and protective carry bag
  • Superior particle size distribution