Artisan Capsules

At Black Drum, we are passionate about the home brewer no matter the device they brew on. Be it a handcrafted pourover with careful measurements, ground on demand (with a purge grind pre-grinding) & sieved, tracking every step down, weighing out 14.3g of coffee, meticulously adding water at 88.6*C brewing a ratio of 16.2:1 water to coffee ratio over the course of exactly 2:27 seconds ..... Or slinging themselves a quick capsule through their Nespresso┬« capsule machine. 

We have taken a couple beautifully crafted blends and a single origin Ethiopian, utilised amazing resources right at our doorstep to create what we feel are the best Nespresso┬« compatible capsules on the market. with a 0.2% oxygen residual we've been tasting these day after roast through to 6 months old and there is no change.