Reflections on Brazil: Meeting Jhone Lacerda by Scott Jones

For the entirety of September, our single origin has been from the farm of Jhone Lacerda. This has been the culmination of a relationship that sparked last October when CEO and master roaster Scott Jones travelled to Brazil and met with Jhone.

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Contract and Private Label Roasting: Join in Our Journey by Amanda Jones

Roasting is what we do. Day in and day out, that's what brings us back into the factory to keep working out the best roast profiles, sourcing the finest beans and distributing this to keep customers smiling. As a roasting company, it's our mission to provide the best possible bean.

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Beanmeister by Amanda Jones

The dedication to our community that we at Black Drum Roaster talk about is possibly most evident at Beanmeister, a spacious and welcoming café on the industrial side of Castle Hill. Back in the day, before our roasting operations opened up at Blacktown, BDR and Beanmeister were practically neighbours. Now, although a little further away, we’re still connected at the hip.

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