Nkubu, Meru // Gikunda Farm Kenya by Amanda Jones

Gikunda Farm, located at in the foothills of Mt Kenya, produces some of the highest quality Kenyan beans on the market. Being at a higher altitude than many coffee farms, at between 1600 and 1700 metres above sea level, the beans have a longer growth time, allowing for the fuller development of the flavours and tones contained within the coffee plant.

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Simon Gikunda Interview: Connecting Source to Roast by Amanda Jones

Meet Simon Gikunda Zaverio. Our man in Kenya, Simon is the grower behind this month's Kenyan single origin. Working from Gikunda Farm near Nkubu in Meru Province, Simon has taken the intrinsic qualities of the Arabica K7 varietal to produce a harvest that has been classified as Kenya AA+, the highest classification from this growing region.

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