Staying in Time: Our 4Four Blend / by Amanda Jones

Hearing that tick in the background? Something getting your toes moving? It's probably the 4Four. Based off the most common time signature in Western music, 4Four is the beat that keeps us moving.

Like its use in pop, rock and dance music, our 4Four blend is four to the floor. A strong, consistent beat that drives movement forward. This blend is roasted medium to dark to keep things pumping and producing a toasted spice aroma. When it comes to the flavour, spices are still there, but complimented by Jamaican chocolate and malty notes. 

A feeling of natural rhythm comes with any music structured around this quadruple time signature. Almost the easiest rhythm that comes to mind, we're ensuring that the beat is kept ticking by having our 4Four blend Rainforest Alliance certified. At least 90 per cent of the coffee matches the high standards set by the New York-based certification authority, and this ensures our coffee with its lightly syrupy body and low acidity is not breaking with the beats of the world.

Whether you're interested in keeping your morning routine consistent, or looking for a blend that will jam with the rhythm that you have going in a café, the 4Four blend is one that keeps the beat rolling.