Brazil Single Origin // Jhone Lacerda / by Amanda Jones

Nestled amid the hills on the border of the provinces of Minias Gerais and Espirito Santo is the coffee farm of Jhone Milanez Lacerda. Taking advantage of the undulations of the area, the farm benefits from the natural environment within which it sits.

Just on the edge of Caparao National Park, within the coffee growing area of Matas de Minas, the local topography varies between 900 and 1550 metres above sea level. This 70 hectare plantation sits at 1250 metres and takes advantage of local climactic conditions which present as warm, wet and humid spring and summers while autumn and winter are mild and dry. As climate and topography are the key influencers of how coffee is grown, these qualities are essential in producing a bean that is complex and full of flavour. Alternating between a wet and a dry season allows for an extended growing cycle, while a mid-altitude coffee combined with cooler temperatures during winter and autumn leads to a hard, dense bean, ideal for producing the complex flavours of our specialty single origin.

But, climate, altitude and natural qualities can only go so far, and need a wealth of human experience to be fully realised. Jhone Milanez Lacerda comes from three generations of coffee growers, all of whom have a connection to this particular site in the hills below Caparao National Park. Since starting in 1896, the plantation has continued to develop its offering. Even after an infestation of the coffee berry borer led to the Brazilian government ordering the eradication of all coffee plants, the Milanez Lacerda family knew that this land was ideal for high-end coffee growing and replanted in 1971 with the assistance of the Brazilian Institute for Coffee which led to a greater focus on coffee quality. More recently, in 2005, the dedicated to specialty coffee production led to an improvement in pre and post-harvest processes which we are excited to support.

Combining natural qualities with personal dedication, our single origin from the hills of Brazil shows the dedication that is needed for specialty coffee.

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Varietal: Red Catuai
  • Process: Natural
  • Farm: Sitio Santa Rita
  • Region: Serra do Caparao - Minas Gerais
  • Tasting notes: White chocolate with hints of lime, molasses, papaya, paw paw - well balanced body with sweetness. Citric acidity, clean cup together with long and pleasant aftertaste.