AeroPress / by Amanda Jones

As its name suggests, this piece of coffee brewing equipment is designed to withstand high-pressure. Perhaps the most adaptable and versatile coffee brewing kit on the market, the AeroPress is designed to be taken anywhere and to brew with almost any kind of coffee. 

Designed by maverick mechanical engineer Alan Adler, the AeroPress was originally manufactured by the Aerobie flying disk company, which designed the circular, centreless version of a Frisbee, that has now become a common sight across college campuses around the world. The same principles of straightforward design and easy portability characterise the AeroPress, and, we’d argue, a sense of utilitarian cool. 

The coffee brewer itself is a no nonsense alternative to other brew methods. Practically self-contained, all you’ll need in addition to what’s in the box is hot water and coffee grounds – we can sort you out for the latter. While there is undoubtedly a benefit to perfecting roast profile and grind size for this brewer as with any other brewer, the AeroPress can work under a whole range of conditions, and pro baristas even invented an inverted AeroPress brew method to account for a greater variety of grind sizes. Indeed, head of training and development Kevin Crouse is known for brewing coffee with an AeroPress and hand grinder anywhere from the Indian Ocean to the stratosphere. 

The passion inspired by this subtle machine has even led to a world championship, which differs greatly from other coffee world championships with its rock and roll attitude and disregard for formalities. If you’re thinking about finding out how easy is can be to brew top notch coffee anywhere from your home to an aeroplane, get your mitts on an AeroPress.

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