Amanda Jones // A Life in Coffee / by Amanda Jones

For Amanda Jones, every coffee is different. Whether it’s part of the place that she’s sitting down to drink the brew, or the mood and time of day that it’s being consumed, each coffee has a unique taste, flavour and aroma.

Bringing this attitude into product development, Amanda makes sure each of the products that we provide at Black Drum Roasters is unique and individually presented. As our sales team head out on the road, they bring with them the dedication that Amanda has spent developing the way in which our coffee and equipment is presented.

This spirit comes from a life that has always known coffee. The smell of freshly roasted, ground or brewed coffee is the scent that marks Amanda’s childhood, growing up the daughter of a coffee roaster. Now, Amanda still finds an individual pleasure in being handed a new origin, blend or roast, and using her refined palette to ascertain the subtle notes and hints that make up a coffee’s flavour profile. 

Taking into account the global nature of coffee production, the gigantic world that we inhabit is made just that bit smaller for Amanda by the pathways and travels of coffees that she’s been privilege to. A connection with another country can often be found through a shared love or appreciation for this coffee, which is enjoyed in almost every corner of the world. Even enjoying a cup of coffee on the other side of the world from where it’s produced gives one a tangible sense of the hard work and dedication that someone else has put into a product that they are proud of enough to share with a stranger on the other side of the world.

If opening up conversations based on coffee is Amanda’s passion, then we’re all too happy to be the beneficiary of the love and passion for the bean that Amanda brings to Black Drum Roasters.