Black Drum Roasters + Coffee & Co. Roasters / by Amanda Jones

Recently we’ve turned the first page of a new chapter at Black Drum Roasters: local independent roaster Coffee & Co. has been brought under the BDR umbrella. With our aim to bring an exceptional coffee experience to a progressively larger audience, we’ve decided that Coffee & Co. Roasters will be the perfect fit for our organisation as we seek to broaden our scope and widen the range of brands that are recognised as associated with Black Drum Roasters.

What does this mean? The two signature blends that we associate with Coffee & Co. Roasters will continue, alongside the mountain process decaf. For Black Drum Roasters customers, all of the 4Four, 3Four and 6Eight blends will continue, as will the single origins. The coffee is sourced from similar origins, however, each blend will be roasted in a unique way, to keep presenting the best of their signature flavour profiles.

Looking towards the future, Coffee & Co. Roasters will be bringing its lean and direct offering to customers who wish the share with their clients a coffee experienced that’s been forged in the flames of Sydney’s café scene. For when ideas need that extra spark, Coffee & Co. will be there. Black Drum Roasters will be sharing its specialty coffee product and people-focused ethos with those who want to be a part of the journey of coffee from source, to bean, to roast. Sharing our knowledge within a community and collaborating with our partners is essential. 

The meeting of minds always involves the creation of a product that is greater than the sum of its parts, and we know this will be the case with Coffee & Co. Roasters and Black Drum Roasters. The possibilities are endless but ultimately it will come down to you, so get in touch and be part of our community.