Fuel For Man and Machine / by Amanda Jones

Tucked underneath Spotlight in Castle Hill is Avenue Perk, a small espresso bar that punches above its weight. Dosing out smooth flat whites and punchy espressos from Black Drum Roasters, for owner Daniel De Matos "it's all about the quality of the coffee."

Not settling for a simple range of standard coffee beverages, Avenue Perk also has a range of sweets on offer from Luxe Bakery and breads from Sonoma that form the basis of sandwiches and wraps. Combining food and coffee allows for Avenue to appeal to a range of customers, not only those who may visit the store upstairs. Classic cafĂ© offerings include a honey spiced granola with shredded coconut and seasonal fruit as well as a smashed avo with feta and balsamic glaze. For a more inventive take check out their rice and slaw salad combined with cherry tomatoes and an olive oil, lemon and balsamic dressing. 

Avenue Perk's broad appeal to the community of Castle Hill and beyond is further by regular car meets. Starting from a conversation with mates who have a passion for vintage muscle cars, the meets have expanded to take over the Spotlight carpark on the third Sunday of every month.

With the meets starting at 7:30am, a combination with coffee comes naturally. To keep things exciting, De Matos also rotates a monthly single origin from Black Drum Roasters which gives a breadth and range to the espresso on offer. For the over 120 cars that rolls through the carpark high quality fuel is a must, and Black Drum Roasters is what keeps these machines purring.