Competition - ready Coffee / by Amanda Jones

Relieve the pressure this Father's Day with the Aeropress kit on offer from Black Drum Roasters. With its unique design the Aeropress brews quality coffee using the inbuilt pressure of its vacuum seal process. Included in this pack is also a hand grinder so the Dad near you can take total control of the process. 

Just in case this wasn't enough motivation to get this innovative brew method, this year the World Aeropress Championships are coming to Sydney. Previously held on the sidelines of the World Barista Championship, the Aeropress championships have now come into their own as an irreverent take on coffee culture. The simplicity and easy replicability of Aeropress brewing has led to all kinds of experimentation as the limitations become an inspiration. The competitions themselves are known for being a raucous and wild event, a far cry from the quiet precision of other coffee competitions. So start brewing to get involved, or at least be able to critique with purpose from the sidelines.

We'll be throwing in a bag of our 3Four blend just to spice things up!!!