Father's Day Brew like Bond Kit / by Amanda Jones

Keep the whole family happy with our Chemex kit on offer from Black Drum Roasters, the brew method of choice of a man named Bond, first name James. We've been scrounging around the warehouse this month, working to get things operating as smoothly as possible and we've come across a couple of extra-large Chemex brewers. The six cup editions of the famous brewer have enough volume to satisfy a crowd, but retain the crisp, clear flavour profile that we've come to know and love from this idiosyncratic brewing method.

In case you missed it, earlier this month we shared the history of the Chemex coffee brewer, and if you've got any Dad's around that love a few good trivia-ready facts, or have an appreciation for classic Bauhaus-inspired mid century design, then this will keep them, and potentially whoever's in earshot, enthralled for days.

Rounding out this package is the brewista variable kettle. If there's a father figure in your life that can’t get enough of obsessing over the minutiae of coffee brewing then this is the gear to give. The kettle's variable temperature gauge allows for perfect precision.

We'll be throwing in a bag of our Kenyan single origin which wraps up at the end of August.