Ming Zou – Accounting as Art / by Amanda Jones

Managing the accounts of an organisation driven by individual relationships could be an accountant's worst nightmare. Ming Zou, however, turns it into an art form. For almost the past two years Ming has brought his idiosyncratic, systematic approach to the numbers side of the business, breaking down costs across the entire organisation and tracking the cash flows of everything that comes in and out of our warehouse.

Ming also appreciates the qualitative aspect of a coffee roasting production such as ours. Bringing his passion for experimentation and methodical attention to detail, Ming brews a batch of filter coffee with the single origin of the month and shares it around the office. He's been known to switch things up as well, creating concoctions of tea and coffee that mystify even the most textured tastebuds. 

Plugged in with his headphones to a console that rapidly accumulates post-its, Ming is the centre of operations. Surrounded by files and structures, the work that Ming does would be vital for any organisation, but for us, it's the style and attitude of never resting on one's laurels that Ming embodies.