Take Our Coffee for a Dance / by Amanda Jones

If you'd been wondering what's the reason behind our naming of our blends, you might have to start tapping your feet. All of our blends represent a different musical convention, known as time signatures. As any drummer knows, you've got to stick to the beat, and that's why we've given each of our blends a beat of their own.

3Four, unlike its more common counterpart 4Four, is about flowing with the music. Compositions utilising a 3Four beat are often referred to as waltzes, and all the movement that it implies. Earlier examples of these were written by classical composers such as Schubert but evolved into a established genre of their own through the work of Chopin and Brahms. Later, jazz musicians took up the waltz, for dancing and not, and some more experimental electronic composers have used a 3Four beat in their releases.

But what has this got to do with coffee? Apart from the spiritual home of the waltz, Vienna, being the first place where social coffee drinking became common in the classic coffeehouses, our 3Four blend has been designed to reflect the free-flowing spirit of the dance, with alternating waves of butter and tropical fruit. White chocolate and roasted brazil nuts underlie these flavours producing a coffee that is bright and has a refined body.

Our 3Four blend has been recognised for its unique qualities with a  bronze medal in the 2016 Australian International Coffee Awards in the category of dairy milk cappuccino. So put a spring in your step with a 3Four coffee from Black Drum Roasters.