Nkubu, Meru // Gikunda Farm Kenya / by Amanda Jones

Gikunda Farm, located at in the foothills of Mt Kenya, produces some of the highest quality Kenyan beans on the market. Being at a higher altitude than many coffee farms, at between 1600 and 1700 metres above sea level, the beans have a longer growth time, allowing for the fuller development of the flavours and tones contained within the coffee plant. Over the course of this period of maturation, the beans absorb the rich nutrients of the deep red volcanic soils.
Unlike other growing regions, being located in Meru province, the beans grown at Gikunda Farm have the benefit of high altitudes, as well as a broad range of nutrients. This provides for a lush ecosystem, able to support a wide variety of high value crops. Luckily for us, farmer Simon Gikunda Zaverio, has selected to grow the Arabica K7 coffee varietal which, while developed for its resistance to leaf rust, it has been widely adopted in Kenya and Tanzania partly due to its large bean size, good quality potential at higher altitudes and high yield potential.
After harvesting and washing, the beans were graded at AA+, the highest classification. With these inherent qualities in mind, we've been able to extract flavours of paw paw, blackberry and blood orange for this month's single origin. Capturing this combination of flavours, natural influences and the journey from bean to cup, our single origin acknowledges the primary influence of our partner and is named after him and his farm, Gikunda.