Beanmeister / by Amanda Jones

The dedication to our community that we at Black Drum Roaster talk about is possibly most evident at Beanmeister, a spacious and welcoming café on the industrial side of Castle Hill. Back in the day, before our roasting operations opened up at Blacktown, BDR and Beanmeister were practically neighbours. Now, although a little further away, we’re still connected at the hip.

Beanmeister itself is a café that knows what it’s doing. Sitting in the exposed industrial-style yet functional dining area, patrons can look out to the green of nearby Cattai Creek. Integrating function and form also comes to the inventively presented brekkie rolls and plates of avo smash or bruschetta. 

Amanda Mifsud, chef and owner, draws on the combined experience of thirty years in the hospitality industry along with her husband to ensure that the offerings are done right.

“A lot of it is just back to basics and then putting a twist on it,” says Mifsud, and this twist comes in developing a style that caters to the local community, ourselves included.

“In our area we have a lot of gyms so we sort of focus on a lot of healthy, clean style eating,“ highlights Mifsud, but notes, with a wink, “Every now and again we get some naughty stuff as well.”

A regularly rotating range of specials keeps everything moving at Beanmeister, and takes into account the varying flavours of the week: “A lot of the weekdays is more gym related stuff and weekends we tend to go a bit crazy and let things go!”

This creativity but with an eye to the essentials is also evident through the beverage options. All milk-based coffees are done with the house blend from Black Drum Roasters, and black coffees get the single origin treatment.

For Mifsud, having the relationship with Black Drum Roasters has been particularly beneficial. “I love what they do, their passion about coffee. They also help teach us with new things that are coming through and just the follow up the rapport we have with them.”

Beanmeister stocks a range of Black Drum Roasters coffee so if you liked what you had there, or want to try something else from our range Beanmeister is the place to be. Beanmeister also stock a range of alternate brewing equipment, something that they experiment with themselves. 

Mifsud notes, “at the moment we do cold drip coffees, we do batch brewing.”

As the temperatures begin to climb again keep an eye out for innovative takes on coffee, as Beanmeister have tried out kombucha brewed with Black Drum Roasters coffee, to create a cold brew like no other


1/10 Salisbury Road, Castle Hill
Mon – Fri, 7am – 3pm
Sat 8am – 2pm
Sun 8.30am – 2pm