Peter Andrews / by Amanda Jones

Our sales manager Peter Andrews is always on the move. Physically, he’s out and about – visiting cafes, engaging with baristas and bringing that feedback back into the operation at all stages. Intellectually, Pete is never letting things go either. Always with a mind to make sure things can be improved, Pete is leading our charge to constantly improve our roasting techniques so that those who are serving and drinking our coffee can continue to be excited.

This attitude stems from Pete’s experience throughout the coffee ecology. Having spent his younger years within cafes, either managing or dosing our quality coffee, Pete knows the daily dynamics of serving coffee. Having then developed coffee offerings at high volume cafes and significantly raising their profile, we were excited to have Pete join us in 2015.

Since then, Pete’s been our primary point of contact between café customers and the roasting operation. Knowing both sides of the process means that neither predominates, and roasting and brewing operates in the symbiosis that makes for the most developed coffee experience. Making this happen through the drive to make each operation more consistent, means that Pete is always seeking out the perfect balance between equipment and expertise.

Combining cafes and roasters, customers and origins, Pete embodies our commitment to speciality coffee, delivered through ongoing relationships.