Joel Minnich, Revolutionary / by Amanda Jones

Production Manager Joel Minnich might not strike you as a revolutionary. With his signature backwards baseball cap and BDR-branded athletic wear, Joel gives off a calm, yet energised vibe. Behind this approachable exterior, however, Joel's been leading a quiet revolution at our roastery. 

Beginning last year, Joel introduced the data logging software Cropster. Developed in Austria, Cropster is now the global leader in coffee roasting software for specialty coffee roasters. Logging data about the process of coffee bean roasting at the minute by minute level, Joel's been able to understand exactly what's going on side the drums of our Probat, Giesen or Renegade roasters.

As each bean is a unique specimen, each delivery of raw beans reacts differently to the heat of the roasters. Monitoring the minutiae of changes that the beans go through on their roasting journey allows Joel to ensure that each batch of finished beans maintains the high standard that we pride ourselves on at Black Drum Roasters. 

While Joel started out drinking coffee in the American style, drenched in syrup and cream, his experience volunteering at Head of Training and Innovation Kevin Crouse's community café turned him towards specialty brews that accentuate the flavour profiles of their individual origins. With his sense attuned to these microscopic changes, it's in Joel we trust to make every Black Drum Roasters coffee the most outstanding product that it can be.