Single Origin July 18 // Mazatlan, Colombia-Catimor / by Amanda Jones


On the high slopes of the Andres, where inclines reach up to twenty five per cent, lies the department of Quindio. Here, coffee is not just a drink but a way of life. In 2011 this was recognized by UNESCO and Quindio, along with the neighbouring regions of Caldas and Risaralda, was inscribed in the global register of World Heritage site. This not only covered the coffee growing plantations but the urban settlements that support them. The distinctive clay-tiled roofs sit among the bright green of the coffee trees to give the landscape its unique characteristics. Plucked from this region is our July single origin.

Looking over the western plan of Colombia towards the Pacific ocean, Quindio is known for the high-quality coffee that it produces, even in a region that is almost synonymous with the coffee plant. The coffee is grown on small farms that are structured around a unique orthogonal plot shape. The coffee farmers, cafeteros as they are known locally, began farming this region in the 19th century and have fused Spanish design elements with indigenous materials. Houses include sliding rooves that allow for sunlight to enter the building and dry the coffee beans, as the coffee harvesting process is often done literally in house. Our single origin comes from one of these farms, Finca Mazatlan.

Origin: Colombian Microlot
Name: Catimor Mazatlan
Farmer: Jairo Arcila at Finca
Region: Circasia, Quindi
Altitude: 1400-1450 masl
Varietal: Catimor (Costa Rica 95)
Flavour Notes: Watermelon Candy - Oaked Sherry

Finca Mazatlan embodies the approach of the Colombian coffee farmers. It is a small microlot which ranges from 1400 to 1450 metres above sea level within the Circasia region. Finca Mazatlan produces coffee that works with the characteristics of the region, rather than against it. Catimor, the bean that we have selected, has been developed to take advantage of the care that grower, Jario Arcila, puts into each harvest. Catimor was initially designed by the Costa Rica Coffee Institute and brings together Timor Hybrids with Caturra for a rich flavour.

As we have roasted this bean for production, we’ve tasted notes of oaked sherry and a bright watermelon candy. This has been one of our favourite origins of recent tastings and we’re excited to bring it to our customers.