Need a New Rhythm? Get on the Black Drum Beat / by Scott Jones

We know that the enjoyment of every coffee depends on the surroundings. Our coffee heads to a range of cafes, from inner city espresso bars, where customers stand at the counter with their syrupy shot of coffee - part of the daily whirl, or a trendy brew lab, experimenting with innovative coffee brewing processes, scientifically extracting new flavours from lighter roasts, surrounded by piping, clear glass and measuring instruments. We also don't forget the classics, those cafes that serve everything with love, and turn out smooth cappuccinos to their morning regulars.
Our wholesale page is the first point of call for all of these customers. There's no secrets here, no special relationships or judgement about who you are or what you're serving. The focus here is on finding the right fit between our roasting professionals and your café. If you're thinking about getting into the game or looking for a change of pace, starting a wholesale relationship with us will ensure that you can be part of the Black Drum beat.