Is drinking coffee good for you? / by Scott Jones

Is drinking coffee good for you? Of course, we’d say it is, but we’re biased, aren’t we? Luckily we’ve got a myriad of scientific studies to back us up. Just this week another one was released, this time finding that whether or not you drink your coffee decaf or full-strength it doesn’t matter, the more coffee you drink the less likely it is that you’ll be dropping off your perch.

Published in the journal JAMA, researchers used a databank of half a million individuals from the UK and even noted that those who drank more than eight cups of coffee a day were the least likely have any complications over the ten year period studied. Although it should be pointed out that no one’s found a direct relationship between the amber brew and good health, this study only confirms that caffeine content didn’t have an effect on a correlation that we’ve known about for some time now. Controlling for the myriad of other factors that affect our health and testing coffee’s benefits in a clinical trial is unlikely to happen anytime soon, so correlation is the best that we can hope for, for now.

But understanding the health benefits of coffee through studies like these makes for a pretty narrow definition of what’s good about coffee. From our experience in the lab and on the road we know that coffee can be meditative and relaxing, allowing for a moment of rest in an otherwise hectic day. Alternatively, coffee can be the one ingredient that kicks off the day and help us make the most of those daylight hours. Finally, there are some conversations that can only happen over coffee and, in the end, isn’t that the real benefit of coffee?