You can only know so much about a bean after it's shipped to you. That's why we make a point of returning to the source to check in with the growers, the washers and the distributors to build the relationships that sustain our business. Our passion for traceability ensures that we continue to respond to the changing conditions that each farmer works with.

This builds our understanding of what the beans that we roast have gone through and helps us develop the right roasting process. Each month we select a single origin from one of our trusted sources to highlight the complexities of flavour that emerge from each region. Whether it's a fruity Kenyan or a nutty Brazilian, these picks are about unlocking the flavours present in the bean and honouring the hard work of our partners in the fields.




Our roasting HQ, located in Blacktown, is the hub of our operations. Combining cutting edge technology with an appreciation for the art and craft of coffee, roasting is the core of our businessStarting before sunrise, our team is in the roastery working to our weekly roasting schedule, monitored at a minute level through Cropster technology. In conversations  with our suppliers and our customers, we are constantly refining the roasting process to ensure an exquisite coffee experience. 

Quality control is conducted in house which ensures that the heritage of each bean is respected and allowed to contribute to the final product. Once the beans have gone through our Probat, Renegade or Giesen roasting technology their freshness is immediately sealed in either our Propac, Comunetti or Smart Weigh packaging process, before being shipped to their final destination - you.